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    Tethering method is a surgical treatment method applied in adolescent scoliosis, which is commonly known as the “string method” among the public. It has been frequently preferred in many cases in recent years.

    Adolescent scoliosis appears during the period starting 2-3 years before entering puberty and continuing until 2 years after entering the puberty, in other words, during the process when the spine is growing. It is a spine deformity whose exact cause is unknown.

    In curvatures that start especially in the early stages of adolescence, increases and rapid progressions proportional to the growth of the trunk can be seen. Especially when we look at our children, we can observe that these curvatures progress during an approximately 8-10 month period when their height suddenly increases.

    With the tethering method, a treatment is applied that allows the spine to continue to grow while preserving the flexibility of the spine in progressed curvatures.


    The tethering method is not a method that can be applied in every case and can solve every problem. According to recent studies (American Volume, 2018), the success rate is 59%, and the complication rate is 41%. These rates indicate that it cannot be determined which patients can benefit from this treatment method precisely and clearly.

    To apply the tethering method, there should be a curvature of approximately 40 degrees or more in the back region. The tethering method cannot be applied to the lumbar region curvatures.

    It is more suitable to apply it to individuals who have just entered adolescence and whose growth hormone and cores are still in the initial period. It is not possible to apply it in the late period after entering adolescence, and there is no chance of correcting the curvature.


    Screws are sent from the rib cage to the top point of the curvature in the back region, and the growth in the relevant area is slowed down with a tethering method. After straightening the curvature in the spine, balance is achieved because the growth of the curvature is slowed down.

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